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Moving Mississippi

Raised on the Blood-Stained Soils of Central Mississippi

Shuwaski Young has committed his life to public service and the pursuit of justice. He served President Barack Obama’s Administration at the Department of Homeland Security.

As a child, his grandfather, Mr. Oscar Joe Lyons, instilled in Shuwaski that perseverance is key. He watched and learned through their family church, Mt. Ary Missionary Baptist Church, as his grandfather served as a community leader and business owner, employing dozens of neighbors for many years. Shuwaski’s commitment to community and country began at home in Philadelphia, Neshoba County, where Mr. Oscar Joe Lyons became a landowner and carpenter without having received any formal education. A self-made man, he instilled in his family the power to impact no matter where you came from. Mr. Joe Lyons later served as the president of the Neshoba County NAACP.

At home, public service and education were emphasized Shuwaski’s entire life. He joined the National Guard at the age of 17. A product of public schools, Shuwaski graduated from Noxapater High School and studied business administration at East Central Community College in Decatur, earning an associates of arts degree. He later went on to attend Jackson State University (JSU), earning his bachelor’s in political science.

Before making his return to Mississippi, Shuwaski was a White House appointee to the position of External Engagement Coordinator by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson under President Barack Obama, Here, with top security clearance, Shuwaski managed the “If You See Something, Say Something® ” campaign.

Path To Victory

We are engaging in an aggressive organizing campaign on a grassroots level. We have plans to invest heavily in organizers, phone bankers and volunteer activities involving postcard campaigning and texting. We’ll focus on boosting our social media presence by gaining followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok . We also plan to invest in traditional forms of communication including, digital advertising and direct mail. The campaign has a dedicated staff and team of strategists ready to help us win.

Shuwaski has a broad base of support that includes people of all races, genders, socio-economic levels, sexual preferences and political orientation. While his support is broad, and he does have progressive supporters, his biggest appeal is with moderate Democrats.

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