As Secretary of State, Shuwaski will tackle the immediate challenges in our community:

Advancing Business – Protecting Taxpayers and Workers

Fighting Back Against Corruption

The days when Mississippi leaders let rich people steal taxpayer dollars intended to aid disadvantaged families are over. Shuwaski will hold wrongdoers accountable, repair our state’s reputation, and recover these stolen funds for Mississippians in need.

  • Shuwaski will work with federal and state officials to hold accountable the people responsible for the largest public fraud case in Mississippi’s history.
  • Shuwaski will work with federal and state officials to ensure taxpayer funds are properly recovered.
Advancing Mississippi’s Economic Prosperity

When people do well, businesses do well. Shuwaski will make Mississippi an environment for economic growth by:

  • Supporting small business advancement 
  • Expanding workers rights through strong unions
  • Brokering big business partnerships with Colleges and Universities
  • Establishing corporate localized investment into Mississippi communities
  • Expanding Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office website to ensure easy navigation and user-friendly forms

Social Policy

Advancing Education Investment

Shuwaski’s platform focuses on pro-worker community investment, economic development, and expanding voter rights by:

  • Create STEM school-to-career programs with state and private businesses
  • Increase financial support to underserved communities for educational resource access
  • Develop private, state, and local government-funded mentoring programs to support residents statewide
Protecting and Advancing Voting Rights

All Mississippians deserve ballot access. Shuwaski will

  • Support restoring the ballot initiative process
  • Support establishing:
    • Online and automatic voter registration 
    • Early Voting 
    • Mail-in Ballots
    • Expanding voting rights for people who are returning to society
  • Eliminate the absentee ballot poll tax (no more notarization requirement) 
  • End ramped voter purges from registration rolls
      An Open Operating Standard

      Shuwaski will reestablish the Secretary of State’s Office reputation of being the most “user-friendly agency” in state government. 

      • The Secretary of State’s Office is answerable to the people, and the people will have simple, easy, timely access to the information, policies, procedures, and help that is rightfully theirs.

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