In Congress, Shuwaski will tackle the immediate challenges in our community:

Social Justice and Community Investments

  • Advanced investment for underserved communities and low-income residents
  • Additional funding for social advancement programs that focus on racial equity
  • Support for low-income residents from underrepresented and underserved communities
  • Increased educational support for small business ownership programs and business owners, combined with priority land ownership opportunities
  • Increased funding for criminal justice reform through restorative justice programs and restorative justice law models
  • Investment in HBCU and support for legacy African American and low-income residents

Economic Policy

  • Creation of a diversity pipeline for increased investment in STEM and Agricultural growth
  • Advanced growth opportunities for underserved communities and low-income residents, through:
    • Investments in climate opportunities
  • Investment in conservation, agricultural land restoration, and opportunity expansion programs such as:
    • Cannabis Production
    • Cotton Production
    • Timber Livestock
    • Production Investment Programs
    • Fish and Wildlife Investment and Replenishment

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